Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Quality Equals Security

All locks are not created equal. Let quality, not low price, determine which lock you choose to protect your 

Migrating Comfortably from Deadbolt Locks to Electronic Access Control

There is no doubt about it. Mechanical locks will continue to be part of a security solution for many years. Nonetheless, more and more customers are wanting - and needing - electronic access control (EAC). Future-thinking locksmiths....read more

Don’t Fight With Your Front Door

Is it hard to get in the door when you come home from work? Do you have a difficult time turning the key in the lock even if you don’t have your hands full? If the key doesn’t turn easily when you go to lock or unlock your door, it’s time to get help.

It’s Not You, It’s the Key

Keys can get worn over time. Before you blame the lock, check your key. Try opening the lock with a spare key. If the spare works better, it’s time to get a new key made.

Get a Lock Doctor

If switching up the key doesn’t bring better results, it may be time to get professional help. The front door takes a lot of abuse from frequent use and exposure to the elements. Sometimes tumblers or other moving parts stick or experience other problems. A locksmith can service your lock and put you and your front door on speaking terms again.

A locksmith will also tell you if your lock is worn out and needs to be replaced. Difficulty turning the key in a lock can indicate it is failing. A weakened lock provides reduced security.

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Friday, 20 November 2015

What to Do When You’re Locked Out

Does this scenario seem familiar? You get out of your car, ready to run into work or take care of some errands, and the moment the door shuts behind you there comes the realization that the keys are still inside the vehicle. Everyone has been in this situation, but it does not make it any easier to deal with. When you’ve locked your keys in your car, it can be important to take the right steps to solving the problem.

Some steps that you can take will help you to prevent this situation from happening in the first place. Having a spare key on your person at all times is an excellent practice to get into. A spare key can be easily tucked into your wallet, or stored in a safe spot in your purse or backpack, so that it is readily available when you need it. Getting into this habit can prove invaluable during those moments when you are trapped outside of you car. While this can be a great preventative step to take, there are other things to do when you find yourself in a situation where you are locked out.

If you happen to be in an area where you are worried about your safety, it can be helpful to call 911. While not all areas offer services that can help you get back into your car, a vast majority of local law enforcement will be able to do something to make the process easier for you. Whether you need someone to come and stand beside you while you wait for a locksmith or you just want information on where you can go to get away from danger, 911 can be a good call to make.

Above everything else, the most important thing to do when you have locked your keys inside your car is to call a professional locksmith. In order to get back into your car, you need the right individuals who can help you get back inside your vehicle. After you find that you are locked out, and you have no spare key on you, immediately call a locksmith. A professional will be able to get to you in a speedy manner and help you through this frustrating situation. Do your research and find a locksmith that you will be able to trust.

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Use The Right Safe

Your valuables probably mean a great deal to you. In order to properly protect the items that mean the most to you, it is important to invest in the right safe. When you take the time to find an excellent safe, you will be able to rest easy knowing that your possessions are secure.

Consider the Threats

There are several things to consider when you are choosing a safe for your home. First, you want to think about what you are storing to help you determine the size of the safe itself. Next, consider the safety precautions that you want in place. There are a number of different features available for home safes, and you should weigh out the pros and cons of each before making your choice.

Don’t Let it Burn

Burglary is not the only threat to consider to your valuables. If your home catches fire, you are not going to have the time to access your valuables while you are getting out of the burning building. To help you in case of fire, it is important to consider a safe that is fire resistant.
When you take the time to properly store your valuables, you will find that life is a whole lot easier. Visit this website to learn more about vault repair in Carlsbad.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

2800ST Cam Action Door Closer Upgrade

ASSA ABLOY’s Norton brand has updated the 2800ST cam action door closer with a new low profile track that offers improved performance and a sleek, modern appearance....read more

3 Reasons To Change The Locks On Your Door

The entry to your home or business needs to be as safe and protected as it is welcoming. Changing the locks is a good place to start. Here are three reasons to re-do the locks on your doors.

1. Move In

After purchasing a new home, the locks should be changed right away. The house will have a long history of tenants, most of whom you probably don’t know. There is a possibility that previous owners may still have access. Even old contractors or repairmen may have a key that can give them access. Installing a new lock will ensure that only you have access to your home.

2. Ease of Access

Your business can benefit from the installation of card readers that function through electronic control. Installing a card reader on your door and providing employees with access cards can easily allow you to control who is and isn’t allowed inside. The cards are controlled electronically and can be changed easily whenever there is a new hire or if people leave.

3. Safety and Security

The utmost reason to change a lock is for your safety. Deadbolts can prevent burglars from jimmying open your doors. If there is ever a break in or your keys are lost or stolen, replacing the lock on all your doors will guarantee that your home and your family are safe. Click here for information on a locksmith in Carlsbad.